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Are you have a sports store or a network of sports stores? Perhaps, you already buy goods in domestic from some trusted distributors with well-known brands or from other wholesale companies. So You don’t import from China, you probably don’t have a department for foreign import and Trade it’s not really your area expertise therefore you have no plans to engage in this kind of activity. We’re here to make it all easy and worth your while. 

“Weifang Kangrui Sports Industry” Group has been a renowned manufacturer of professional martial arts equipment for  for 18 years. The brand “Kangrui Sports” is widely known in China and is gaining popularity around the world. We produce professional uniforms for Boxing, MMA, Taekwondo, Karate, Wushu, Sanda, as well as Weightlifting and Wrestling. We produce boxing rings, MMA cages, floor coverings for both halls and stadiums. Our outfits are very popular with amateur and professional athletes in China. Our equipment is used at school level all the way up-to international tournament level thanks to its excellent quality, innovative patented fillers, modern design, favorable pricing and high grade certification. 

Keep an eye out for our offers!

Running trade Cooperation with us will be no more difficult than doing so with any domestic distributor in your country and yet you will get to enjoy the degree of quality products we offer. We do all the work in the department of foreign economic activity for you. We have a paramount level of  experience and will make this experience smooth for you by all means possible. How do you go about this? Easy!

  1. Contact us, in any way most convenient to you you, get a wholesale price list and guaranteed discounts.
  • Price list is specific for China and via Qingdao shipping port . Get a personalized quote at your request

2. Determine the equipment you would like to order  and send us the list there-of.

3. We will calculate the production time and the full cost of your order, including delivery to your warehouse/doorstep, customs clearance and certification. having these costs at hand you can easily estimate all you expenditure and profits at an early stage prior to completing any transaction with us. however we guarantee that with us, it is always profitable!

We will take care of all import related issues. We have gained a wide range of experience of export all over the world. Automation of logistics business processes has been introduced and for you it will not differ much from the usual purchase in Russia. We work with partner Russian logistics companies and Russian customs brokers.

1. You confirm the order, we finalize the contract and specifications then send you an invoice (invoice for payment).

  • An advance 30% of the invoice amount is payable for production to commence.

2. You will need to finalize a contract for the provision of transportation services with our partner Russian transport and logistics company, which will take over the whole process of delivering products and mutual settlements beyween us, the involved parties. Any Further calculations, including payment for products will be made by our partner Russian transport and logistics company.

3. The Chinese representative office of the transport and logistics company will finalize the contract with us.

  • 30% of the invoice amount is also payable to the account of the transport and logistics companywhich will forward that payment to the relative Kangrui account.

4. Production begins (the course/length of which will be advised and the terms of which will have been discuss in advance.

  • Upon completion of production, we will send you a detailed photo-report. You can also send an inspector to check the quality of products.

5. Upon satisfaction and acceptance of the goods, the balance (70% of the invoice amount) is payable to the account of the transport and logistics company (which will be forwarded to the relative account). We will then initiate the shipment of products as agreed prior to the transaction (Sea, road, air).

6. According to the agreement with the transport and logistics company, an advance of between 30-50% of the shipment cost is payable for the delivery of the products.

7. The transport logistic company delivers the goods directly to your doorstep/warehouse.

8. The balance of the transportation services bill is then payable.

9. The transport and logistics company issues you with a consignment note and other accompanying documents,

Above we have painted the entire process in fine detail, however so, Please feel free to have any queries addressed immediately?

You have full information about prices and terms, the ball is in your court.

There are 4 tranches payable in 2 cycles:
1. First tranche 
account for the production and initial transportation of goods : 

  • 30% Advance payment for the production
  • 70% Balance Payment on production completion and customer satisfaction/acceptance of goods.

2. Second Tranche account for the subsequent transportation and delivery of goods.

  • 30-50% Advance payment for shipping
  • 50-70% Balance payment upon receipt of consignment.

On consignment delivery to your warehouse, please accept the consignment note from the logistics company and any other accompanying documents directly from Kangrui.

The management of logistics, customs and foreign economic activities will/can be handled by us on your behalf.

NOTE: We need 3 to 5 days after your order to calculate the full costs to be incurred  

Interested? Don’t waste time! Write to us right now and we will discuss what we can do to help you implement your development plans!

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