Working conditions

Documentary process of importing our products from P.R.China

Dear customers! We are a Chinese company, geographically located in Shandong Province, Weifang City, in the Northeastern part of the People’s Republic of China. The nearest port is in the city of Qingdao. This grants us substantially standard conditions for logistics and delivery.
We work with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. There is no minimum amount of shipping requirements, however, the expediency and cost of delivery is directly proportional to the volume of the purchase. To indulge in cooperation with us feel free to peruse through the all details.

For obtaining all the necessary information you can use any of the listed ways:

1. E-mail us at:

2. Call us on: Within China Mainland : 400-800-0005 (Toll Free) 

3. Contact us via information provided on the “Contact information” link 

4.Fill in a  the feedback form.

5. Request a wholesale price list directly on the site.
6. Send information about the product you are interested in, or create an order through the online store form on the site. The prices on the storefront

    are the recommended retail prices and you will be guaranteed to receive wholesale discounts.
7. Discuss and clarify the conditions of the order.

ATTENTION : The form of the online store on this site is solely for the purpose of identifying the goods that you are interested in and sending us the order information about the products. Retail sale of goods through the form of an online store is currently not available. Payment gateways are not connected. however all the recommended retail prices are indicated in the online shop window.

NOTE : The production time ranges from two weeks to four weeks, depending on the volume of your order and the current capacity utilization. Calculations of the actual production time of each order will be made and conveyed to you within 1-2 days of order confirmation. For small orders, immediate shipment from the finished goods warehouse is possible.

Feel free to look through our catalog, Once you decided to make a purchase, you may contact us (our Russian Manager is also at your disposal) to discus the details of your order and receive wholesale discounts. You may Visit our company, meet with management or even visit out production sites for assessment all to your satisfaction. You’re always welcome! 


  1. The conclusion and signing of the contract in English and Chinese. Before which the following must have already been completed
  • Preparation of the entire legal platform in in your country.
  • Procurement of necessary permits for  foreign economic Trade/activities.
  • Opening of foreign currency accounts.

2. Receipt of an invoice and a packing list

  • Deposit payable for invoice is 30%,
  • 70% balance payable upon completion of production, signing of the acceptance certificate and delivery to loading port from the company’s warehouse. (Before loading on the vessel).
  • The prices in the invoice will be specified by default, according to the terms of delivery of FOB Qingdao.
  • In the event that it is more convenient for you to use other logistic schemes, it is necessary to include this in negotiation of the terms of the contract.

3. Payment of the deposit (30% of the invoice quote.)

4. Production commencement . Production terms and acceptance criteria should be thoroughly  discussed prior to the contract conclusion.

6. Completion of production within the stipulated time frame.  A photo report will be sent via E-mail.

7.Re-Checking of the order 

  • This can be done directly by you, a third party or our quality control department according to your requirements to you required degree of detail.

8. Shipment to loading port.

  • You can send an inspector oversee and control the shipment process.

9. Payment of Balance (70% of the invoice quote) after and on the basis of quantitative and qualitative satisfactory inspection of the order.

10. Loading.

  • It is understood that by this point in time, you have already concluded an agreement with the transport and logistics company, and they supervise any further questions and or queries. This is discussed at the stage of preliminary negotiations. The bill of lading is sent to the customs broker before arriving at the port.

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